About Me

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, skilled graphic designer and professional personal stylist living in Los Angeles. I’m also a blogger, producer, animal advocate, youth ambassador, brand management consultant, a brother to four siblings, and a proud father to a rescue lab/pit.


1. I took my first trip at three months old and since have traveled all over the world, the most random destination being Armenia.
2. I released three singles on iTunes (“Run”, “Burn the Borders” and “Mess With Me”) and had a few parodies posted to my old YouTube account.
3. I challenge myself to Pinterest projects and usually end up hating life and a semi-decent gift for someone.
4. I’ve been blogging for years but have changed up ideas and websites soooo many times
5. If it ain’t broke I will still try to fix it. I’m always seeking to improve what I can, including myself.

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