My name is Kyle Jay and I am one of the many millions who suffer from Epilepsy. I was diagnosed in high school after I had my first grand mal seizure, however I have been suffering from petit mal seizures since I can remember. The crazy thing is that I never knew the sensation was abnormal as I could not see others suffer the same.

This is a condition that has affected my entire life. It is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, a worry in my mind throughout the day and my final thought before I go to bed. I have to always be cautious and cognizant of my surroundings as anything can trigger a seizure. I have to ensure the medication I’m taking is working thoroughly with monthly blood tests to monitor the levels in my blood stream and I have to always ensure the activities I participate in are not harmful to my wellbeing. I have had to make a lot of sacrifices to cope with my condition, however I never let my condition define me nor do I use it as an excuse. I work harder than anyone to accomplish the same things and even harder to make sure I’m the best.

This walk to end epilepsy is a commitment I am making to not only help myself but the millions of people who suffer from the same condition. Please join me in the fight for advocacy, care and investment in medical research through your participation and a donation.